About Us

Toluca Lake: The Movie

Follows the misadventures of deranged young adults in the friendly small town of Toluca Lake.

The ONLY feature film set in Toluca Lake.

The FIRST film to use virtual reality motion capture.

The FIRST independent cinematic comedy set during covid.

Ali Haajl

Ali Haajl is a creator, director and producer of Toluca Lake. Ali is also the host of A2 The Show, frequently ranked in the top 10% of podcasts across all apps. He is an acclaimed independent filmmaker, video game creator, writer, practicing therapist and attending a psychology masters program. Ali loves Toluca Lake because it’s the hidden gem of Los Angeles. Toluca Lake has a passionate community which inspired the theme of friendship which pulses through the veins of our film. Learn more about Ali’s work at alihaajl.com

Jesse Holland

Jesse is a creator, actor and producer of Toluca Lake.

Benjamin James Thomas

Ben is a creator, actor and producer of Toluca Lake.

Marianna Norwood

Marianna is an editor and post-producer on Toluca Lake.

Daniel Fulling

Dan is a producer on Toluca Lake.